ME: Individual Flourishing

Optimize your own wellbeing

You can become the owner of your wellbeing by becoming intentional in filling your day with practices that elevate your energy and spirit. 

All it takes is a few minutes out of your day. By using a handful of short practices, you can create moments of uplift and rejuvenation. When repeated over time, these moments add up to long-term physical and psychological health. 

Try the micro-practices listed below to feel the difference! 

Take the 1% challenge.  

Your goal is to make a 1% change in your well being each day going forward. This doesn’t require much effort, but it compounds over time and really adds up. 

Not sure how to start? Try out the micro-practices below. Each one yields a 1% change that provides an immediate release of energy and uplift. The immediate positive reward means you won’t have to force yourself to do them… you will want to! 

Some of these practices you will find useful and will want to continue using. Others will be less so. The goal is to experiment and keep the ones that work for you. Soon you will have a toolbox that contains your go-to practices that you can use anytime, anyplace.

Interested in more well-being micro-practices? Have questions? Reach out and I will be happy to send you more!

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