Science of Flourishing

We don’t expect our cars to operate at full capacity without providing proper maintenance, why do we expect this of our employees?

We haven’t been paying attention to what our employees need to operate at full capacity. In fact, it is only recently that we have fully understood what optimal functioning looks like and how to achieve it. 

The science of flourishing provides the insights needed to build workplace wellbeing and optimize performance. It offers a workplace where performance doesn’t come at the expense of employee wellbeing, but is actually driven by it. This is because flourishing practices unleash hidden reserves of human energy that enable us to reach our performance goals. We feel uplifted, energized and renewed, and we bring this energy to work. 

The science of flourishing comes from two sub-fields: positive psychology and positive organizational scholarship. Research from these sub-fields have identified when we are at our very best in terms of wellbeing, character, and performance. It has identified the key ingredients that human beings need to function at optimal levels. These include positive emotions, meaning, connection, engagement, and achievement. 

Click below to learn how to enable flourishing for individuals, coworkers, organizations. They range from small practices that take a few minutes to system level redesigns of organizations. By using all three levels, you can create a flourishing ecosystem that expands your impact and allows for sustainability.

Learn how employees (and leaders!) can optimize their own wellbeing.
Learn how to use communication to build energy and rejuvenation through workplace social interactions.
Learn how leaders can redesign organizations to incorporate flourishing practices into the very fabric of the workplace.

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