Micro-practice #1: Greetings

Take the time to make your greetings matter. You will be surprised at the joy you will feel.

When you pass someone in the hallway, don’t waste an opportunity to generate joy for yourself and the other person.  

Take the time to look at them, smile, and give them a warm greeting. This is for people you don’t know.

For those you know, take the time to give them a meaningful greeting. Take the time to appreciate them.

Bottom-line, you are using your facial expression, eye contact, and words to say to the other person, “you matter.” These are the two words we all long to hear. These two words will bring joy to the other person. They will smile. Their smile brings you a moment of joy.  

We can’t imagine how a practice so simple can have such a strong impact. As social beings, we are designed to generate joy through the simple act of greeting. 

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