Micro-practice #2: Schedule Joy

Feeling good is not an “either/or” proposition because emotions will naturally fluctuate throughout the day.  It is unrealistic to feel great all the time.  Instead, we should set our goal to increase the frequency of moments where we feel alive, upbeat, and energized.  

It is also unrealistic to think that we can make ourselves feel positive; it will only result in frustration.  Instead, what we can do is identify the types of experiences that we find enjoyable and to schedule these into our day.  Everyone will have their own “go to” strategies.  For me, music and connecting with friends are high on my list.  

We also know from research that experiencing positive emotions for just a few moments can have a big impact on mood and physical health.  For me, taking time out to listen to one song or a quick text exchange with a friend is all I need to feel re-energized.

When our lives are jam packed with work tasks and homelife demands, it is easy to forget to take these moments.  A great strategy is to actually schedule a 5 minute uplift a couple points throughout your day.

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